What To Expect

Ratings and Feedbacks - Trust by Design

Ratings are a great way for Mentors and Candidates to give each other feedback. They also help our community understand what to expect and whom to reach out to. Below are the main things:

  • Once a mentorship session is complete, we’ll ask you to write a feedback and provide star ratings
  • In case of mock interviews, ratings and feedbacks are only posted after a) both parties have completed theirs
  • You can also leave private feedback, which will not be shared publicly

Note: Ratings and Feedbacks can't be modified or deleted.

How to get more traffic to your profile?

If you're a mentor:

  • Offer at least first 3 sessions for free so that you will have a few ratings for the candidates to see
  • Reply to the candidate's request/queries in a timely manner

If you're a Candidate:

  • Take a good number of mock interviews to increase the confidence of the mock interview ratings accuracy

What's in it for me?

If you're a mentor:

  • Build your brand as a mentor
  • Have an inner peace/satisfaction by contributing to the society/education
  • Refer top candidates and earn the referral bonus from your company
  • Earn some decent money as an incentive for mentoring

If you're a Candidate:

  • Showcase your talent and skills irrespective of your location, college tags, degree etc.
  • Have a good chance of getting referred by the professionals
  • Build your brand as a potential candidate

How does it work in detail?

An user can list either as a mentor or for referrals ask at a given time i.e., one can't list both at a given time. However the listing can be changed at any time or even the listing can be closed as well. Both listings require the login email to be validated. Below are the steps for each of the listing:

If you want to list as a mentor:

  • Choose mentor listing and fill all the details in the listing wizard including availability and session price(if required you can offer for free as well)
  • You've to validate your work email one time. This is to maintain the sanity of the platform.
  • The listing would be public and the interested candidates will request to book a session
  • You can either accept or decline the request. You can also use the chat feature to suggest a new time to the candidate
  • If accepted, candidate will make the payment and an unique video link would be generated for the session
  • After the session, candidate would be promoted with the feedback link where the candidate will provide your feedback and rating about the mentorship
  • Your mentor listing profile will have the ratings and feedback of all your mentorship sessions. Rating and feedback with you as a candidate won't appear in this listing.

Note: If you list as a mentor, you can still book sessions with other mentors(you being a candidate). However your mentor listing won't have any ratings and feedback of such sessions.

If you want to list to ask for referrals:

  • Choose job seeker listing and fill all the details in the listing wizard
  • Only the ratings and feedbacks corresponding to your mock interviews will appear in your job seeker listing profile
  • By default, the top rated candidates are shown at the top
  • Interested professionals will contact you directly

Abusing the platform:

Let us get this point straight - we all are professionals. So, let's respect each other for their help and time. Any kind of abuse on this platform is not tolerated. We do regular checks and look for patterns pertaining to the abusive behaviour. If we notice any such abusive actions or through the user's report, we will permanently block such abusive users from using the platform.