Can anyone become a mentor?

No, only the working professionals can become a mentor.

Are mentors verified to be a professional? If so, how?

Yes, there is a one time work email validation at the time of mentor listing.

What's the guarantee that the mentor is indeed a professional?

Along with the work email validation, you can also look for other data points such as the LinkedIn profile of the mentor, ratings and feedback etc. Before you book a session, you can also contact the mentor.

Is the mentorship session free?

Well, it depends on the mentor. You will find some mentors who are offering their services for free, while others would charge a nominal fee. Professionals working in top companies or with higher years of experience may charge higher. This would also mean you'll get high quality information.

Is there a way for the mentor to offer a select few sessions for free if required?

Yes, there's indeed a way to offer free sessions without changing the session fee to zero. Once a candidate requests to book a session with you, while you accept the booking, please send a message to the candidate not to make the payment. As the Google Meet link would be generated once you accept, you can still choose to connect with the candidate at the booked slot without candidate making the payment.

What's the Mentorbook business model?

As we don't run any ads, to run, maintain and improve the platform, we take 20% of the booking fee as the commission.

Once booked, can I cancel the session and get refunded?

No, once booked you can't cancel the session. The booking flow is designed in such a way so as to give you all the options and information before booking. Please have a look at the mentors profile, LinkedIn profile, ratings and feedback etc. If you still have some queries, please make use of the contact feature to message the mentor directly. Also it should be noted that only upon booking acceptance by the mentor, it will ask you to pay.

How about if the mentor doesn't show up?

If a mentor doesn't show up for some reason, then we will refund you the booking amount. It's highly suggested that a mentor should add the availability only if he/she can show up for the session. More than 3 no show-ups can lead to blocking from the platform.

How about the mentor payouts? Is it instantaneous?

Payouts will happen after 2 days from the time of your session.

Are you finding it difficult to authenticate on Google Meet(applicable for mentors)?

If so, please allow third party cookies. If you still have issues, please reach out to us.

Can I modify the payment account details(for payouts) once entered?

Unfortunately no, you can't edit or delete the existing payment details due to the payment product limitations. However you can add a new payment detail and choose that for the payouts. It must be noted that the email id should be unique in each of the payout accounts.

In case of mock interviews wherein both parties are rated, is there any chance of retaliation by the other party if given a low rating?

No. By default, Mentorbook uses a "double blind" review process. This means that if both parties are allowed to review each other, they will see the other party's review only once they've left a review themselves.

I don't have any mock interview ratings. Can I still create a job seeker listing?

Of course yes! However we suggest you to book a few mock interviews so that depending upon your rating, your profile might show up at the top and you may get more referrals! The job seeker listing is sorted based on the ratings(highest first).