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Our Story

Hi there, we are glad that you're interested to know more about our motivation to develop Mentorbook. It's an open marketplace for the professionals to connect/mentor/network with other professionals/students via video connect. The other objective is to identify the talents irrespective of candidates location, college tags, degree etc. In other words if you have the talent, you should be recognised and provided with the opportunities. No barrier - all are welcome to join. Also no ads and no braggy posts - we are laser focused on having this platform just for mentorship and referrals. We thought to build this platform after experiencing the below issues for a long time:

  • Although there are a good number of professional networking sites, the users in those sites just try to increase the connections/get more likes/views etc. rather than mentoring or identifying the true talent. The probability of the professionals helping each other is very low(if you reach out to 50 people, around 5 may reply - that too there's no video/personal connect).
  • There's no level playing field in the current scenario. While the candidates from the top tier colleges/universities get good exposure and opportunities, it's a bit difficult for a skilled candidate in the small towns/non top colleges to get the same exposure and opportunities and there's no platform to prove talent.
  • These days education has been commoditized. The fee they charge for the course(> ₹2 lakhs) is so high that one can even start-up a decent company using the same fee amount :). We strongly believe that education should be accessible to all and at the same time, it should be economical as well. As per our experience, we also believe that all the required quality materials are already available on the internet for free and all that one needs is just the right guidance to point to the right material(as the internet has a myriad of materials).
  • Still there seems to be a wide gap between the industry and the academics. The curriculum is not up to date with what the industry demands and we want to bridge that gap.
  • Also, there's not much emphasis/exposure to the core engineering and there's a great wall for those core domains in terms of industry and academics collaboration. We strongly believe that all the domains are equally important.
  • We see that currently professional mentorship sessions are blended within the specialization courses offered by many training institutes. If you want to have a mentorship session, you have to buy the entire course which by itself is very expensive and not to mention the courses are concentrated on the IT related fields.
  • From our personal experience, we get a huge number of referral requests and it's not possible to refer each and every candidate because of the volume and also we don't have any metric to identify the purple squirrels among them. This platform aims to address this issue by identifying the talent to stand out of the crowd and prioritize the referrals accordingly.
  • Also most of the students in the colleges go with the flow rather than making a career choice - some of the reasons are already mentioned above. Students don't choose the career, they get assigned randomly depending upon their first job.

The platform aims to address the above issues and it's completely transparent. You chose whom to connect based on the profile, mentor ratings, session price, availability etc. You decide whether you want to showcase your interview ratings to the community to get referrals. All the knobs and controls are with you to learn and prove.

Although we wanted to create a platform free of cost, we realised that one of the major reasons for the low probability of mentorship in the existing professional networking sites is that there's no motivation factor/incentives for the professionals to help each other. Because of this, like all other people, even professionals prefer to spend their precious time with their friends and family. That's why we have developed this platform in such a way that each of the mentors can decide what's the incentive they expect for the services they provide and one can offer for free as well or change the price as and when required. This will create a win-win situation for both the parties - mentors get the incentives and candidates get the required help. Another aspect is that we don't encourage people to ask money for referrals - referrals are and will always be free and it's merit based - people with talent have higher chances of getting the referrals than others and it's always free. Again, referrals don't mean guaranteed jobs - still you've to go through the employer interview process. This platform might get you referrals based on your mock interview performance.

Another aspect is that we don't want to run the ads in this platform (it's too much - we are already inundated with the ads in the other platforms 😋). So to run, maintain and make the platform better, we take 20% of each booking fee. In case if you offer the service for free, then we don't take any commission.

To sum up:



To create a world where everyone has an equal opportunity and skills & talents are more valued than anything else - college tags, locations, etc. (you name it!)

Mentorbook stands for:

  • Equal opportunity and exposure
  • Bridge the gap between Academics and Industry
  • Easy access and low cost education
  • To provide a platform for the talents to prove their skills